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Maat Consulting conducts consultancy to assist organisations with the implementation of industry best practice based on ITIL or COBIT and can also prepare organisations to gain certification against ISO 20000.
In particular, we conduct assessment of IT Service Management within your organisation. We can assess against ITIL, COBIT or ISO 20000 best practices.  This will be an initial stage of guidance to your organisation towards planning the implementation of improvements and/or gaining an ISO 20000 certificate.
Then we can facilitate bespoke workshops for your stakeholders to plan and drive your implementation.





IT Management consultancy

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(Feb 25) OGC has announced today that they will shortly be publishing a textbook by Malcolm Fry covering how to implement ITIL V3. The book is titled  ITIL Lite: A Road Map to Full or Partial ITIL Implementation. It shows how to implement key components of ITIL V3. Malcolm's last book on organisation structures was very readable and since it mentioned Ancient Egypt was very popular here at Maat Consulting. It will cost £30 (approx. $45) and the publication date according to TSO is 8 March 2010 but it can be ordered online now.

(Sep 12)   A report based on a survey of 500 people (13% Directors/CIOs, 50%UK, 38% USA) shows the extent of ITIL V3 adoption in the 2 years since launch.  Sponsored by Hornbill Systems, it will be useful to those planning ITIL adoption. In particular the views on drivers and barriers for adoption and the approaches taken will be of interest.  Click here to download from SMCG website.

(Sep 9) OGC has published (28 Aug) the long-awaited V3 version of a popular V2 book: "ITIL V3 Small-scale Implementation". Designed for smaller organisations it shows how to combine roles in order to successfully implement ITIL V3 in smaller and medium-sized businesses. Click here to link to OGC website for information.

(Mar 12)  The Innovation Value Institute, a research organisation specialising in the development of unifying frameworks and roadmaps for value delivery from IT, have released IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF) for achieving and measuring value from IT investments. It looks at: Managing IT like a Business; Managing the IT budget,;Managing the IT capability and Managing IT for business value . It uses a CMM style 5 levels of maturity approach  and has 36 processes. Limited material published at present but a 90 min webcast at launch is here.  It is an IT Governance approach similar to ISACA's VAL IT and sees itself as a Unifying Framework.. Core parts of IT-CMF have been tested by BP, Chevron, SAP, Northrop Grumman and Intel. Click here to link to IT-CMF at the IVI website. 

(Mar 2)  The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University published in Feb 2009, CMMI for Services V1.2. The model draws on ITIL, ISO 20000, COBIT and the Information Technology Service Capability Maturity Model (ITSCMM). It covers any service (e.g. lawn care!) and not just IT services. Click here to download from SEI's website.

(Feb 2)  At the end of Jan '09, ITGI issued an exposure draft of their new enterprise risk framework Risk IT.  Risk IT provides guidance on identification, assessment and management of IT-related risks. It complements the ITGI enterprise value framework, Val IT, and the IT governance framework, COBIT. In common with all ITGI frameworks, the documentation is comprehensive and aligned with the approach used in the COBIT Framework. The exposure draft is freely downloadable for 45 days from the ISACA website. Click here to link.

(Jan 5)  Like most of you, we are fed up with webinars and webcasts that consist of a camera watching a boring speaker droning on while a set of complicated bullet slides is displayed from time-to-time. So what a refreshing change to watch 45 minutes of Rob Stroud on behalf of the IT Governance Institute (ITGI) giving an Overview of COBIT using almost exclusively diagrams that build-up as he presents (voice only). We encourage you to view it, if you want to see how you could enthuse your senior management about IT Governance based on COBIT. Watch here on the ITGI website.

(Sep 15) Microsoft has announced that MOF is now available under a Creative Commons Licence for free use and "remixing". MOF resources are fairly comprehensive and MOF 4.0 is heavily based on ITIL V3.  MOF 4.0 is freely downloadable from Microsoft's website here.

Link to ISO 38500

Link to ISO 29382

Several more ISO 27k series standards are under preparation to add to ISO 27001 - information security standard; ISO 27002 - code of practice, ISO 27003 - implementation guidance for ISO 27001 and ISO 27005 Security techniques for information risk management (published June 2008). These include: ISO 27004 - information security measures; ISO 27006 - certification (or registration) process for certification (or registration) bodies; ISO 27007 - auditing information security management systems; ISO 27008 - auditing information security controls.  At present the ISO 27k series includes 16 different information security strandards.i Click here to visit the ISO27001security website for a comprehensive discussion.

Published on May 26th 2008, this standard which is based on Australian Standard AS 8015-2005 is titled "Corporate governance of information and communication technology". It provides a framework for the guidance of Directors covering conformance and performance within 6 principles for good corporate governance of IT and based on a model that recognises the 3 main tasks that Directors need to conduct: Direct, Evaluate and Monitor.

Link to Planning to implement sevice management

The guide book for implementation of ITIL from the OGC. Based on the work of John Kotter of Harvard Business School as described in his seminal book Leading Change (1996) and its follow up The Heart of Change (2002). The link is to the demonstration online version.

Link to COBIT implementation guide

ISACA has published (late April 2007) the COBIT 4.1 version of the IT Governance Implementation Guide.

Link to CMMI-SVC

IT Services CMM (Capability Maturity Model) was a promising holistic approach to maturity assessment and subsequent improvement of IT Service Management.  It was based on the Software CMM from Carnegie Mellon University. IT Services CMM V1.0 Release 1 was developed in 2005  by Vrije Universiteit in Holland, CIBIT and Serco and is still freely downloadable. Software CMM itself evolved into CMMI v1.0 in 2000 and in the last few years has evolved further into CMMI v1.2 which includes 3 "Constellations": CMMI-Development, CMMI-Acquisition and CMMI-Service (CMMI-SVC).  It is expected that CMMI-SVC which has taken input from IT Services CMM will be released in Q1 2008. Link here to a presentation on CMMI-SVC from Lamri (Mar 2007) and here for a presentation that compares CMMI-SVC with ITIL, ISO 20000 and SPICE (Aug 2007 by Cater-Steel of University of Southern Qureensland).


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