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Corporate Governance

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Corporate governance

What is IT


Corporate governance, the management practices for controlling organisations, has been formally adopted by most of the countries in the world following the publication in the UK of the Cadbury report, Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance  in December 1992. All G-20 countries and a total of around 95 countries have corporate governance codes in place.

IT Governance fits into the overall Corporate Governance strategy of the organisation.

IT Governance focuses on the performance and risk management of IT and has two primary goals;

Since 2008, IT Governance has been specified by an international standard ISO/IEC 38500: 2015 - Governance of IT for the organisation

Corporate governance of IT is defined by ISO/IEC 38500 as

In the last few years, IT governance professionals have started to refer to IT governance (or Corporate governance of IT) as Enterprise Governance of IT (sometimes written GEIT – governance of enterprise IT) and in 2009 a qualification Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) was created by ISACA to recognise professionalism and competence in IT governance.



Corporate governance

IT governance support from Maat Consulting

IT governance has been the main area of expertise of Maat Consulting for over seven years. We offer training in IT governance to gain the CGEIT qualification,  training in COBIT, the de facto, best practice framework for implementation of IT governance and training in ISO 20000 and ITIL, the complementary standard and framework also contributing to the delivery of  IT governance. We offer consultancy to assist organisations with the implementation and improvement of IT governance including awareness raising and assessment. Our past clients for consultancy include a government department in Southeast Asia and an aerospace company in Europe and the USA.

Corporate governance


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