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ISO 20000 is the international standard for IT Service Management, published in 2005 and revised in 2011.

ISO 20000 is the basis for two certification schemes:

ISO 20000 Training

Maat Consulting offers training courses leading to Individual Certification on passing examinations held at the end of the training course.

Courses are presented by our ISO 20000 lecturer, Dr Geoff Harmer, CEng, FBCS, CITP, CGEIT who holds an ISO 20000 Consultant Certificate and has held itSMF trainer accreditation for ISO 20000 since 2006 and in 2011 gained ISO 20000 trainer accreditation from APMG following APMG's purchase of the ISO 20000 Qualification Scheme.  He has over 30 years experience in the IT industry as a lecturer and consultant.

The ISO 20000 courses we are accredited to deliver are all up-to-date 2011 versions:

ISO 20000 Foundation (3 days) - classroom event including APMG ISO 20000 Foundation Certificate examination at the end of the course. For everyone needing to understand the basics of ISO 20000. Note that the ISO 20000 Foundation course and certificate is a potential lead-in course to the APMG (formerly itSMF) courses listed below.

ISO 20000 Practitioner (formerly Consultant) Certificate Course (3 days) - classroom event including official APMG (formerly itSMF) ISO 20000 Practitioner (formerly Consultant) Certificate examination at the end of the course. For those who wish to enable their organisation to reach ISO 20000 certification.

ISO 20000 Auditor Certificate Course (2 days) - classroom event including official APMG (formerly itSMF) ISO 20000 Auditor Certificate examination at the end of the course. For those who wish to audit ISO 20000 compliance for their organisation.

The above courses are presented by Dr Geoff Harmer, an APMG accredited lecturer, on behalf of The Grey Matters Ltd Ltd, an accredited APMG (formerly itSMF) Training Provider.

NB: itSMF sold its ISO 20000 certification and qualification schemes to APMG in 2010. Certificate name has changed from Consultant to Practitioner but the course and examination content has not significantly changed.

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ISO training and consultancy

ISO 20000 Links

ISO 20000-2:2012 is now published. It is titled Guidance on the application of service management systems Click here to visit ISO site.

On 12th April the revision to ISO 20000-1 was published. Click here to visit ISO site or here to view the convenor's summary of changes.

Isabelle Perron has posted to her blog (Feb 21 2011), some guidance on the changes to ISO/IEC 20000-1 due in the new release expected in April 2011. Click here to link.

Service providers to the US government are now required to hold an ISO 20000 certificate .Click here to view an ITSM Portal report (Sep 20 2010)

An itSMF USA webinar by the Destination ISO/IEC 20000 SIG in June 2010 stated that the earliest the revised ISO 20000 standard (Parts 1) will be issued is Nov 2010 but is more likely to be Q1 2011.

ISO has published (June 2010) a technical report ISO TR 20000-5:2010 Exemplar implementation plan for ISO/IEC 20000-1.  It is a 31 page document that provides guidance on activities that begin with start up and business case development that lead into a 3 phase plan for implementation. It contains 13 pages of tables in annexes that cover all activities with responsible roles being listed. We'd suggest also using the Van Haren book "ISO 20000: An Implementation Roadmap". Why?  Because it has about 6 real-world case studies, too. Buy ISO 20000-5 from BSI shop or your favourite ISO vendor.

The "Guidance on scope definition and applicability" was publshed in Nov 2009. An outline of the content and option to buy online is here on ISO website.

ISO 20000 is currently being revised. In addition to the existing parts 1 and 2 there will also be parts 3, 4 and 5. Part 3 will cover Scoping and Part 4 is the process reference model (PRM) and will be the basis of a new procss assessment model (PAM)
Part 5 will be a generic implementation plan for ISO 20000-1. Nothing is expected until Part 3 in late 2009. View an update here from the convenor, Jenny Dugmore, on her ITP Blog (Sep 2009)

APMG are now the owners and managers of the ISO 20000 Certification and Qualification Schemes. Their website provides comprehensive information about the schemes as well as links to publications and events. (The qualification scheme has a link at the bottom right of their page). Click here to link.

A useful checklist is provided on the BSI website. Registration (free) is needed. Click here to link.

ISACA has a project under way to produce a mapping of ISO 20000 to the IT Governance framework COBIT 4.1. Publication is expected in late 2008.

The ISO 20000 standard can be purchased for download in PDF format or as a printed publication from the BSI website.  Click here to link.


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